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Red Chilli

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Popular Red Chilli Products

  • Bright Red red chilli

    Bright Red red chilli

    153 - 155 /Kilogram

    Inter Oil & Gas Trades Pvt. Ltd.

  • deluxe guntur dry red chilli

    deluxe guntur dry red chilli

    125 /Kilogram

    Om Sai Universal Traders

  • Plastic Packet Whole Red Chilli

    Plastic Packet Whole Red Chilli

    190 /Kilogram

    Giva Agro

  • BFS Kashmiri Red Chilli

    BFS Kashmiri Red Chilli

    50 - 100 /Kilogram

    Bhagywan Food and Spices

  • Fresh Red Chilli

    Fresh Red Chilli

    40 - 60 /Kilogram

    Yesraj Agro Export Pvt. Ltd.

  • Fresh Red Chilli

    Fresh Red Chilli

    150 - 160 /Kilogram

    RI Traders

  • Organic Gunny Bags Jute Bag Stemless Dried Red Chilli

    Organic Gunny Bags Jute Bag Stemless Dried Red Chilli

    100 - 120 /Kilogram

    Maheboob Subhani Traders

  • 25kg and 50kg Fresh Red Chilli

    25kg and 50kg Fresh Red Chilli

    40 - 60 /Kilogram

    SLC International Trade

  • organic whole red chilli

    organic whole red chilli

    305 /Kilogram

    Vmarkable Tradelink OPC Pvt Ltd

  • Natural Organic Spicy Fresh Red Chilli

    Natural Organic Spicy Fresh Red Chilli

    50 - 60 /Kilogram

    Mas Exports

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    Questions & Answers for Red Chilli

    At what price is the red chilli per Kg sold in India?
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    The price of red chilli varies on the basis of quality, quantity, grade, size, packaging material used, etc. The price range of red chilli starts from Rs 68-Rs 72 per Kg and goes up to Rs 175-185 per Kg in India.

    by ExportersIndia.com
    Is there any change in the price of red chilli based on the quality available in the market?
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    The price of red chilli varies on the basis of the quality available in the market. You can find a variety of red chilli in the market in India. They are Guntur chilli from Andhra Pradesh, Kashmiri red chilli from Kashmir, Bhut Jolokia chilli from Northeast India, Jwala Chilli from Gujarat, Dhani chilli from Manipur, Ramnad Mandu Chilli from Tamil Nadu, and much more. Different red chilli variety has different rate in India. And the rate of the chillies depends upon their quality and demand for such chillies. However, the price of the best quality red chillies starts from Rs 80 per Kg and ranges up to Rs 380 per Kg.

    by ExportersIndia.com
    Does the packaging type affect the price of red chilli in India?
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    Yes, the type of packaging material used by the manufacturers affects the price of red chilli in India. Some manufacturers use good quality and eco-friendly packaging materials like paper bags, jute bags, containers, etc., which increases the rate of red chilli. But many use low-quality materials like plastic bags, poly bags, etc. for packaging, which lowers the cost of the red chilli.

    by ExportersIndia.com
    • Teja Red Chilli

      Rs 250 - Rs 320 / Kilogram

      • MOQ : 300 Kilogram
      • Type : Teja
      • Brand Name : Navodaya Masala
      • Style : Dried
      • Usage : Cooking
      • Color : Red

      7Yrs Since : 2016

      Guddu Spices Industries

      Paliyad Road, Botad, Gujarat

    • Natural Crushed Red Chilli, for Cooking, Feature : Hygienic Packing

      Rs 200 - Rs 300 / Kilogram

      • MOQ : 1 Ton
      • Application : Cooking
      • Feature : Good In Taste, Hygienic Packing
      • Type : Crushed Red Chilli
      • Cultivation Type : Natural
      • Taste : Spicy

      5Yrs Since : 2018


      Talala, Gir Somnath, Gujarat

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    Red Chilli


    Major importers of Indian chillies

    SL No Country
    1 USA
    2 Sri Lanka
    3 Bangladesh
    4 Nepal
    5 China
    6 Mexico
    7 Canada
    8 UK
    9 Saudi Arabia
    10 Singapore
    11 Malaysia
    12 Germany

    The major chilli exporters along with their percentage share in the world’s total exports

    Sl No Country Export Percentagentage
    1 India 25
    2 Chinas 24
    3 Spain 17
    4 Mexico 8
    5 Pakistan 7.2
    6 Morocco 7
    7 Turkey 4.5
    What are The Major Varieties of Chilli Produced in India?

    There are many types of chilli are produced in the world. The major varieties of chilli among them are:

    • Kashmiri Chilli:This variety is known for its color than its spice. It is not only used in Kashmiri dishes but also in various dishes across the country and the world. Kashmiri chilli adds beautiful red color to the dishes and enhances the taste of the dishes.
    • Guntur Chilli: This variety of chilli is the main ingredient of Andhra cuisine. This chilli is famous for its extremely spicy taste. The Sannam chilli is commonly known as Guntur chilli. This chilli has many varieties that are grown not only in Andhra Pradesh but also in other states like Madhya Pradesh. This chilli has become very popular and is exported to all over the world. It contributes approximately 30% of India’s red chilli exports.
    • Bird’s eye chilli (Dhani):This variety is grown in the North East of India. This chilli is very tiny but packed with a punch in terms of spice. This variety is not only used in cooking but also in pickles and chutneys.
    • Naga chilli:Naga chillies include some varieties of chillies that are rank as some of the hottest chillies in the world. Customers can get the dried red chillies and fresh red chilli of this variety from the reputed red chilli suppliers or fresh red chilli suppliers.
    • Mundu chilli:These chillies are grown in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Having a very unique flavor, Mundu chillies are round and small with a thin skin.
    • Jwala chilli:This variety is grown typically in Gujarat. This chilli is also grown all over the country and is extensively used in various Indian dishes.
    • Kanthari Chilli:These chillies a unique variety of Bird’s eye chilli and commonly grown in Kerala.
    • Byadagi Chilli:This variety is known for its color and pungency and is grown in Karnataka. This chilli is similar to paprika. After drying, the chilli has got a crinkly appearance.
    Some of The Important Facts About Red Chillies:
    • Indian red chillies have many uses including food, cosmetics, confectionery, pharmaceuticals, and paint manufacturing, farm protection, liquor, and self-defense weapons.
    • Fresh red chilli is rich in vitamins, especially in vitamin A and C. It is also loaded with potassium, magnesium, and iron.
    • As they are known to inhibit pain messengers, chillies have long been used for pain relief. Extract of fresh red chilli pepper is used to get relieved from the pain of arthritis, headaches, burns, and neuralgia.
    • Red chillies are also claimed to be having the power to boost the immune system and lower cholesterol.
    • Chillies are also beneficial in getting rid of parasites of the gut.
    • Capsaicin present in chillies is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammatory processes.
    • Drinking water after eating chillies is an ineffective way of extinguishing the burning sensation and in fact, this will intensify it. Foods rich in fat, like milk or yogurt reduce the capsaicinoids present in chillies that create the burning sensation.
    • Studies have proved that chillies counteract on cholesterol build-up and reduce platelet aggregation thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes. It is also helpful in lowering high blood pressure and increase peripheral circulation.
    Which Country is The Largest Chilli Producer in The World?

    India leads the list of top chilli producer in the world. The country produces one-fourth of the total quantity of chilli exported in the world. It produces 11 lakh tonnes of chilli every year. One can find some of the leading red chilli traders here. Other top chilli producers are China,Mexico and Pakistan. 

    Which State is The Largest Producer of Chillies in India?

    Andhra Pradesh is the largest chilli producer in India and contributes nearly 50% of the total country's production. The state contributes about 26% to the total area under chilli, followed by Maharashtra (15%), Karnataka (11%), Orissa (11%), Madhya Pradesh (7%) and other states contributing nearly 22% to the total area under chill. Red chilli wholesalers and suppliers are also high in these states. They are highly involved in red chilli wholesale and supply so as to meet the chilli requirement of other states.

    Which Country is The Largest Chilli Exporting Country in The World?

    India accounts for 1.5 million tons of red chilli production annually, and is the largest exporter in terms of international trade, exporting 20 percent of its total production. One can easily find a number of red chilli suppliers and exporters in the country offering the best variety of red chilli at a reasonable price. Red chilli importers consult the leading red chilli exporters of India to get the red chilli export to their countries.

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